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I wanted to briefly let you know that Becky Chadwick has been a tremendous help to me since she has been consulting in special programs. She has taken her time to come and assist me with a variety of aspects of managing a Life Skills program. She is never too busy, or too impatient to listen to my stories about my students, my frustrations, my successes, or my mundane questions. Thanks to her, I have gained confidence in my position (which I entered just last year) and now have a plan for next year that will be more user friendly than what I had been using. She helps me to see the “big picture” and move the clutter out of the way when planning units, etc. Becky has been willing to give up her personal time to advise me and offer her expertise in the area of Life Skills program management. We also worked together on the Community Based Training Manual over many sessions last year. As you are new to your position, as well, I thought you might like to know just how beneficial Becky has been to my program and to me.

Conover, Life Skills Teacher, Seaford Middle School

"I would like to thank all of the staff with Capabilities for Life! I would especially like to thank Josie for the support that she has provided over the past 3 years. She provides top notch Speech and Language consultative services in the area of AAC. She helps me think of ways to teach communication during natural situations for my students with the most complex communication needs. She is another set of eyes and someone that I can bounce ideas off of. She has a great sense of humor and is full of common sense! I love her ideas and see positive results after I implement them. Thank you Josie!"

Julie Rementer, M.S., CCC/SLP
Speech/Language Pathologist
West Seaford Elementary School
My response is that I have and continue to be impressed with Mrs. Chadwick's knowledge of our students. Her experience and expertise is the best that I have been exposed to. The strategies, methods and programs that she has recommended to this point have had a tremendous impact on the instruction and success of my students. She is one of the few who have actually walked the walk… Her direct response to questions, rather they be instructional, behavioral or legal in nature have been very much appreciated. Anytime that she has had an in-service the material covered has been on point 100%. Her experience on the legal front and her explanation of law and how it is applied and what we need to do to protect ourselves makes it easier for me to sleep at night.
Olen Rathel, OH Program Teacher, Central Elementary School

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